Shipedge Custom Development Services

Shipedge offers extra custom development at an affordable rate for any special integration or customization that your team and company may need. Our extremely experience team of dedicated developers work around the clock to make sure that our software is working at top optimization and efficiency at all times. They work extremely hard to complete any special integrations that are necessary for our clients. We have worked hundreds of hours completing custom development projects over the years and integrated multiple selling channels, APIs and other applications that were requested. We always complete our developments on time and at the affordable rate, we feel that our customers are getting a great deal for the amount of value that the customer development projects will bring to their operations and processes.

We have a development team of 6 members and one project manager which takes care of all development and support issues related with Shipedge. Our entire team is extremely experienced in computer science and overall programming and design systems with years of experience.

Development Services Fee

$95.00 / Hour


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