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Lesson 2 Chapter 2

What Workflow to Use

The receiving process is a fundamental part of warehouse operations. Depending on what the situation and business model are, not all workflows are created equal.

Thus we've given you two robust options for receiving boxed inventory or pallets into the system.

  • Use Replenishments when you are receiving against a replenishment already active in the Shipedge WMS attached to certain SKUs 
  • Use Transfers when you are receiving something that is not in the system already and want to create SKU and attach the necessary information on the fly.

Replenishments - Receiving Against SKUs in the System

Traditionally most warehouses would receive against SKUs in their system via Purchase Orders (POs) to a supplier. We call this a replenishment in Shipedge, because you are replenishing your inventory levels for specific SKUs.

Start a Replenishment

To get start the replenishments workflow go ahead and select the Replenishments button from the Shipedge App main menu.

Transfers - Create SKUs as You Are Receiving

Sometimes you may want to receive one off items, or new items that have not been received by the warehouse before. This is done by using transfers, to essentially transfer something into the system and create a SKU record quickly.

Start a Transfer In

To get start the transfer in workflow go ahead and select the Transfers button from the Shipedge App main menu.