Putting away the inventory

Lesson 4 Chapter 3 Module 1

On Shipedge app main menu, select inventory control

Scan to Locate Item

  • 1
    Scan one of the listed items in to the field to select the bin product to update. 
  • 2
    Click send to go to the next screen

Inventory Information 

Once bin/product is scanned, details of inventory is displayed on the next screen. Here you will see the information about the payment. 

  • 1
    This is the customer account name 
  • 2
    Description of item or preferred identification 
  • 3
    Bin number and volume
  • 4
    Sku or PO number
  • 5
    Quantity in bin
  • 6
    Current location of the bin
  • 7
    Product barcode
  • 8
    Universal product code 

Put Away to Location

To put away inventory in to its location ( eg. from dock) follow the below steps.

  • 1
    Click swap from the options 
  • 2
    Scan the new bin location
  • 3
     Click ok to go to the next screen. 


You will receive a confirmation with updated  location, bin and PO/SKU number verifying your item has been put away.

  • 1
    New item location 
  • 2
    Updated bin number if any
  • 3
    Click ok to complete the process

This piece of documentation is for current customers of Shipedge only.

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