Picking items

Lesson 7 Chapter 3 Module 2

Once orders are assigned on the web, the person assigned will receive a notification on the top right of the Shipedge app. On the app, click Pick and Pack main menu to start the picking process.

Starting the pick and pack process

  • 1
    Enter/scan shipping number
  • 2
    Select batch picking
  • 3
    Select start pick and Pack button 

Screen Guide to Picking Items 

The next screen will guide you on how many items you need to pick from each location. 

  • 1
    BIN – The BIN / location that you must go to so you can pick the item(s)
  • 2
    Total # Picks From BIN – The number of items you need to pick from the BIN that is shown. Example - we would have to go to BIN A1-208 and get 6 items from that BIN.
  • 3
    0 of # – This is the amount of items that have already been picked out of the total amount required. Since we haven’t picked any yet it shows 0 of 6.
  • 4
    Pick: # & Tray # - this will show you the amount that needs to be picked for each tray
  • 5
     Number Picked – This box is to enter amount of items you are picking. You can use either the and  - Buttons to change the number after you have scanned the bin.
  • 6
    Pack – The pack button is clicked once you are ready to begin packing the items you have picked. You should only click this when you have picked all the items.

Pick Items for an Order

The picking screen will let you know where you have to go in the warehouse by displaying the location and the bin you need to go to the get the item.

  • 1
    Location - where you need to go in the warehouse
  • 2
    Bin - what box in that location you need to pick from.

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