General Knowledge


Lesson 6 Chapter 4

How you will get Order Information for Picking

It's possible to load orders for the picking process in several different ways :

Receive pick and pack info via app alerts

Get alerts right in your Shipedge Mobile App.

When you are assigned an order or multiple orders. An alert will pop up under an icon in the top right that is shaped like a bell.

* The alerts screen may have notifications for multiple workflows besides pick and pack

Scan pick and packing sheets into the app

Receive paper packing lists to scan into device for picking. You can scan one list to start picking or multiple orders to pick in batch

Scan shipping pack labels into the app

When labels are printed in Shipedge. You get two different stickers for the same order. Scanning the red box will load the order to a virtual tray.

Sticker 1 - Shipping Label

Sticker 2 - Shipping Pack Label (scan red box)

How to Set Up Picking Cart

Set up picking cart using trays

One way to pick is to place each packing slip into a box / tray on a picking cart.

This is because each shipping number (order) you scan/enter will be assigned to a box / tray.

Example: The first shipping number will be box  / tray 1, the second will be box 2, etc.

The App will tell you which items you have to pick for which box / tray.

Set up picking cart using packaging materials

Each time a label is printed, the system will also print a packing label. Each packing label sticker will also show where the red box is, the code for the packaging material to use.

The idea is to replace the boxes or trays in the first picture with the actual shipping materials.

Ex. box, poly mailer, etc..

How its done - If you go to a certain bin to pick your first items and you need 10 of those items for three separate orders. The application will tell you how many items go into each order / tray so you only have to go to that bin one time.

Picking Your First Order

Once you press the Start Pick And Pack on the initial screen after scanning all the orders you wish to pick the popup below will appear with directions as to which is the first BIN you must go to to pick the first item you need.

Shipedge App - Picking

There will be sound effects that will alert the user of when they must move to a new BIN or if they made an error in scanning the wrong BIN/product.

Picking Screen - Basic Overview

Picking App
  • 1
    BIN – The BIN / location that you must go to so you can pick the item(s)
  • 2
    Total # Picks From BIN – The number of items you need to pick from the BIN that is shown. Example - we would have to go to BIN A1-208 and get 6 items from that BIN.
  • 3
    0 of # – This is the amount of items that have already been picked out of the total amount required. Since we haven’t picked any yet it shows 0 of 6.
  • 4
    Pick: # & Tray #
  • 5
    Number Picked – This box is to enter amount of items you are picking. You can use either the + Button and the - Button to change the number after you have scanned the bin.
  • 6
    Pack – The pack button is clicked once you are ready to begin packing the items you have picked. You should only click this when you have picked all the items.

Picking Screen - Advanced Tips & Tricks

  • 1
    Add Packaging – Allows you to add packaging to be used for an order.
  • 2
    Totals – You may click on this number to enter it in via keyboard for large numbers.
  • 3
    Camera Barcode Scanner – If you click this icon, the camera based barcode scanner will launch and you can scan via the camera.
  • 4
    Options - Will show workflows to fix errors.   See image below.
Shipedge App - Picking Options Tab

Packing Your First Box / Order

Once you press the Pack button on the Pick screen (the last step/photo) you will be taken to the packing screen. There you can start the packing process to prepare all your orders for outbound.

Packing Screen - Basic Overview

Shipedge App - Packing Basics
  • 1
    Pack – This is the number of products you must pack into the current box.
  • 2
    Packed – This is the number of products you have already packed into the current box.
  • 3
    Tray# – This is the box # that you are placing the current products into.
  • 4
    Shipping # – This is the shipping # that belongs to the current box you are packing.
  • 5
    Shipping # Textbox – This is where the current shipping # will appear after you scan it.
  • 6
    Pack Button – Click this after you have packed the correct amount of items into the current box.

Packing Screen - Advanced Tips & Tricks

Shipedge App - Packing Advanced
  • 1
    Product Information – These rows give you information about the product you are packing.
  • 2
    Camera Barcode Scanner – If you click this icon, the camera based barcode scanner will launch and you can scan via the camera.
  • 3
    Cancel Button – You can click the cancel button at any time to exit the process. When you return you will be brought back to where you left off.

Important Details :

  • On the screen there are item numbers, the shipping number and box number so that you place the correct items in the correct box/order.
  • You must scan the shipping number of the box you have packed to make sure you have placed the items in the correct box.
  • Every time you finish packing a certain shipping number or box number the shipping number in the textfield will disappear. So that you must enter/scan the next one in order to move forward.
  • When you are packing different items into the same box the shipping number will remain in the quantity box to let you know you are still putting items in the same box.

Finishing Pick & Pack

Once you click Pack on the last box /order the pack screen will disappear and you will be brought back to the Pick & Pack home screen.

The packing lists section should be empty, letting you know that you have successfully picked and packed all your orders.