General Knowledge

Picking from Bins / Locations

Lesson 9 Chapter 4

Going to Pick the Order

Shipedge App - Bin / Location

Go to the Location and Specific Bin

The picking screen will let you know where you have to go in the warehouse by displaying the location and the bin you need to go to the get the item.

1. Location - where you need to go in the warehouse.

2. Bin - what box in that location you need to pick from.

Scanning the Correct Bin

Shipedge Warehouse Bin Barcode

Scan the Barcode on the Bin

Each bin is barcoded for scanning.

Also scan the product if the bin contains individually barcoded products

If you scan the right bin your device will beep and let you continue.

If you scan the wrong bin your device will buzz and give you an error

Pick Items for an Order

Shipedge App - Pick / Tray

Take Right Number of Items from Bin and Put into Order Tray

On the picking screen you will see "PICK: ___ for tray# ___".

1. Pick the number of items listed in box 1

2. Put them into the order try listed in box 2

3. Update the number of items you picked using box 3

4. Close out the order:

If using barcoded trays scan the listed order tray in box 2 to close the order and move on to the next tray or bin.

If not using barcoded trays your app will move onto the next order tray or bin automatically.

We will cover the packing process in the next lesson.