General Knowledge

Loading Orders via Picking Alerts (paperless)

Lesson 8 Chapter 4

Getting an Alert to Start Pick & Pack

Shipedge App - Home

Alert Notification

Workflow assignments will show up in the top right of your screen and the bell icon will have a number on it's top right with the number of pending actions.

Opening the Alert Screen

Shipedge App - Alert pick & pack

Alert Screen

After you click on the alert icon you will see the Tasks Screen. Inside the tasks screen you can see any alerts including the Pick & Pack workflow. Select "Alert pick and pack" to go to the Pick & Pack Screen.

Pick & Pack

Shipedge App - Pick & Pack load

Pick & Pack Screen

Within the Pick & Pack screen you should see the list of packing lists and what Picking Tray they are assigned to.

Start Pick & Pack

When you have verified the information the the pick & pack screen you can proceed with the picking process by pressing the "Start pick and pack" button.