Shipedge Basics

Packing into Boxes / Trays

Lesson 10 Chapter 4

Packing Process

Shipedge App - Start Packing

Press the Pack Button

Once you click on the Pack button on the Pick screen you will be taken to the packing screen.

Pack Items into Box

Alert Screen

Each tray that you have picked items into is assigned to a box.

1. Take the amount of items specified by box 1.

2. Pack those items from the tray specified in box 2 into the box / packaging specified on the packing list or app.

When to Pack

The packing process should happen in different places and at different times depending on the workflow and process works best.

A. Selecting the pack button after every pick will allow you to pack the picked item into the tray / package after every pick.

B. When you finish picking all your items from a specific bin in batch, the packing screen will also pop up.

We will cover this is in selecting workflows, our next lesson.