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App Download & Login

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

Download the Shipedge Mobile App in the Google Play Store

  • 1
    Open the Google Play or other Android App Store on your mobile device.
  • 2
    Search for "Shipedge".
  • 3
    You may see two different versions :

Shipedge Torch - light version that does not have bluetooth connectivity for scanners, printers, etc. for management & visibility

Shipedge Pro - full function app with bluetooth connectivity and all workflows / tools. for warehouse team

  • 4
    Download app that fits your needs. We suggest using Shipedge Pro. 

Open the Shipedge Mobile App

After you have downloaded the Shipedge Warehouse Management App. Open it for the first time.

*make sure you are connected to the warehouse wifi.

Enter the Warehouse ID and your Warehouse Key

The name of the warehouse / Warehouse ID is the short form identifier in-front of your WMS link. Example -

The key of warehouse / Warehouse Key is your specific user token. Example - 123456

Check for Updates

Select the Check for updates text below the image of the warehouse on the bottom of the screen to assure that you have the newest version installed

If you have the latest version it well check for newer version and say “No new updates”.

If there is a newer version available it will begin to download and install the newer version automatically once selecting “Check for updates”

This piece of documentation is for current customers of Shipedge only.

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