General Knowledge

App Download & Login

Lesson 1 Chapter 1


‚ÄčDownload the mobile app.

  • 1
    Open the Google Play or other Android App Store on your mobile device.
  • 2
    Search for "Shipedge".
  • 3
    You may see two different versions

Shipedge Torch - light version that does not have bluetooth connectivity for scanners, printers, etc. for management & visibility

Shipedge Pro - full function app with bluetooth connectivity and all workflows / tools. for warehouse team

  • 4
    Download app that fits your needs. We suggest using Shipedge Pro. 


Open the App

After you have downloaded the Shipedge Warehouse Management App. Open it for the first time.

*make sure you are connected to the warehouse wifi.


Enter Warehouse ID and Key

The name of the warehouse / Warehouse ID is the short form identifier in-front of your WMS link. Example -

The key of warehouse / Warehouse Key is your specific user token. Example - 123456