General Knowledge

Receiving Something New with Transfers

Lesson 4 Chapter 2

Transfers Screens

First Screen

  • 1
    Enter or Scan SKU - This is where your sku number or name will go.
  • 2
    OK Button - Select to move to the next screen after you create a template.
  • 3
    Select a Template - Pick a template or create a new one but scrolling to the bottom. 

Second Screen - Basics

  • 1
    Select Account - This is where your sku number or name will go.
  • 2
    Description - Whatever description you would like to attach to this sku should be entered here.
  • 3
    Next - Press to add sku to the system when you are finished on this screen.

Second Screen - Quick Actions

  • 1
    Add Picture - Add a picture to the SKU record.
  • 2
    Print - Prints SKU barcode.
  • 3
    Add Tag - Adds a tag to the SKU.
  • 4
    Add Words - Adds reusable terms to the list that says Add item.

*Some features in beta or may need to be turned on for your server

Third Screen - Quick Actions

  • 1
    Enter or scan bin/loc - Here you can either enter or scan a bin or location
  • 2
    Qty - Update quantity you are receiving
  • 3
    Send - Updates the system and ends workflow

Transfers Workflow

1. Scan or Enter SKU you wish to create

Scan a SKU - If what you are receiving is barcoded. You can simply scan the barcode and create a SKU using the barcode of the product.

Enter SKU - If whatever you are receiving does not come barcoded. You can create a SKU for it manually by typing it in.

2. Attach the Necessary Info

‚ÄčFirst Screen - Pick or Create a Template 

Pick a Template - If a template that matches what you are receiving already exists please select the one that matches to move on to the next screen.

Create a Template - If no template matches what you are receiving that please create a new template.

‚ÄčTemplates are used to receive the same types of items over and over. The information used to create your template should be general information relating to the category of items.

Select the Add Template Button

Enter information & Save

Select the "OK" Button

Second Screen - Select Account, Add Description, and Hit Next

Select Account - Pick the OMS account / Brand / Customer you are receiving for.

Add Description - Add a description for what you are receiving. This description is searchable in the WMS later, so be descriptive.

Hit Next - When you are ready send it into the system 

3. Assign a Location and Update Quantity

Scan or Enter a Bin or Location - The system needs to know where (bin or location) you plan to receive your new SKU and the things you are receiving. You can scan the barcode at the bin or location that you want to receive into or enter one manually.

Quantity - The quantity should be updated here, Shipedge need to know if you are receiving multiple items into the bin or location.

Send - Update the system and end the workflow so you can either receive something else or move on to a different workflow.