Creating Receiving / Staging Areas

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

Creating Dock Locations

  • 1
    Click inventory tab to set up your staging area
  • 2
    Then select Warehouse from the drop down menu 

Go to the locations link on the top right of the page. 

Click the "add locations" button

A form just like the above image will be available to you to create staging locations. Follow the below steps to create staging locations. Note: For further information on how to create staging locations click here

  • 1
    Your location must include two dashes  (-DOCK1-) somewhere in the name.
  • 2
    The bin Init must have a letter (A-Z) followed by a number (1-9), then a dash (-) followed by 3 digit number (200)
  • 3
    Select 3 percentages (%%%) to allow the 3 digit numbers continue
  • 4
    Default volume is set at 1
  • 5
    Sort option can be left blank
  • 6
    Save location to create your staging area

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