General Knowledge

Adding a Sales Channel

Lesson 9 Chapter 3 Module 2

Channel Automation

1. Go to Channel Automation View

Find My Account on the blue main menu and hover over it with your cursor until you see the Preferences option in the drop down.

Once in the preferences view us the sub-menu to go to the Channel Automation tab.

2. Select Your Channel

All sales channels are listed alphabetically.

Go to the right channel and click on the channel name in the left most column.

3. Configure the Channel Integration

Name your Channel

After you click on the channel you want to integrate the center column will expand and have you name the channel.

Name the channel after your store name or something that will help you recognize where the orders came from.

Get Instructions

Most integrations are pretty straight forward.

For the more complicated integrations you will see a Get Help button.

Click the Get Help to open a window with instructions on how to integrate the channel.

Example - Channel integration instructions from Amazon.

Configure Channel

  • 1
    Integration Name - Create a name for your integration channel.
  • 2
    API Parameters - Input the correct information into the required fields listed here. The "Get Help" popup should have all the information you need to help you complete this section.
  • 3
    Orders - Select if you would like to get orders to flow into your OMS and if necessary select options to let us know what type of orders you want to get.
  • 4
    Update Tracking Number - Select if you need to update tracking numbers back and forth between the channel.
  • 5
    Update Inventory - Select options to sync certain things with the channel.
  • Don't select Update Inventory options until you have tested the channel and checked with us to make sure that this is supported by the specific channel.

4. Save Configuration

Click Save Configuration when you are done creating your channel.