Bill of Materials Management Software

Empower your manufacturing and fulfillment networks with the Bill of Materials Management Module. The BOM Software enables you to translate SKUs, create workflows, and manage component inventory. 

Bill of Materials Software Manufacturing Warehouse Order Management

Shipedge BOM Manufacturing Module

Bill of Materials SKU Translators

Translate SKUs

The first step is translating your selling channel data into information the warehouse can use. Perhaps you or your client sells an item that requires a manufacturing module. When a customer makes a purchase, Shipedge automatically checks to see how many finished items are in the warehouse. If there aren't any finished items, then Shipedge initiates the Bill of Materials Software. We tell the warehouse what components to pick, so you don't miss a sale. 

BOM Software Workflow Optimization

Workflow Optimization

A warehouse is only as efficient as the software that powers it. So, Shipedge created unique workflows to make manufacturing easy. Using Synsets sellers can create a list of all components necessary for the build. This is your bill of materials. Using the Shipedge Mobile App the warehouse will efficiently pick every item. Next, there are procedures to actually manufacture the item.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

The BOM Module is great, but is nothing without Bill of Materials Management. Shipedge monitors all of your inventory levels. We track how many items are completed and the available quantities of each component. We even track packaging quantities, so you always have enough materials on hand. With AI inventory forecasting, you have access to learning technology that suggests reorder point based on the velocity of sales.  

Bill of Materials with Customization

  • Easy to set up
  • Set pricing for labor, packaging, storage, and more
  • Get rid of paper processes
  • Customizable for each client
  • Improve forecasting and inventory stock levels
  • Set pricing for special packaging and procedures
  • Automatic charges
  • Provide customized detailed reports for each of your clients on demand
  • Set pricing transparency

What Can YOU Do?

Whether you are an etailer or a fulfillment provider, the manufacturing module gives you options. If you can create a streamlined manufacturing operation, then you can offer more to your customers. And it isn't just about being able to manufacture, it's about backing up your operations with BOM Management. 

Save Time with Shipedge

The BOM Module is just one of many robust features through the Shipedge WMS and OMS. We started as an etailer turned 3PL. We created a Bill of Materials feature because we needed. Now that we focus on Supply Chain Software, we get to pass the module onto you. 


Shipedge is built to make you more efficient, save you money, and to help you scale.

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