Automatic Best Rate Shipping Software

Shipedge calculates the cheapest rate based on dimensions, delivery date, weight, and cost. We do this automatically, so you get the best rate. Every time. 

eCommerce Best Rate Shipping Shop

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Best Rate Shipping Software

With artificial intelligence forecasting, order routing, order management, and inventory control - there is a lot to calculate. But it is easy to save with Shipedge, because we do the leg work for you. 

Dimensions Tracking eCommerce Best Rate Shipping

Dimension Tracking

Shipedge keeps track of all your product weight and dimensions. When it is time to ship, we use this information to calculate the best packaging to use. Ultimately, you always save money with the best option. 

eCommerce Best Rate Shipping

Ship Rate Shop

Shipedge determines the best shipping rate based on the size, weight, and delivery date. We have special rates from all major shipping carriers. So, you get a custom rate every time you ship. 

Materials Tracking eCommerce Best Rate Shipping

Materials Tracking

You use the Shipedge OMS for Inventory Control, so why not use the same software to track your materials? Shipedge uses AI Forecasting to tell you when it is time to order more packaging. 

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Best Rate Shipping Makes for Happy Customers

Whether you are an eCommerce company or a 3PL Fulfillment Service, best rate shipping software is great for customer service. Consumers expect fast, free shipping. The only way to compete with major etailers is to find ways to save money on fulfillment. Leverage Shipedge's carrier relationships for cheaper rates, use our ship rate shop to automatically find the best shipping options, and keep fulfilling on time. Plus use our billing module to charge your 3PL clients automatically. All of this combined with the Shipedge WMS and OMS gives you complete control over your Omnichannel Fulfillment Network. 

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We are an eCommerce company, turned 3PL, turned 4PL, turned Software company. We designed these solutions with eCommerce pain points in mind. 

We Take Technology Partnerships Seriously

Shipedge is here to be your technology partner - and partner means partner. New to the industry? Trying to break into a new market? Need a custom solution? Let our industry experts champion your cause. With over a decade of expertise, we know supply chain. This is the beginning of a relationship focused on you expanding your company. 

We are here to help you grow, because when you succeed we succeed. 

With a completely customizable and scalable ecommerce solution the sky is the limit. You worry about the marketing and we'll take care of the logistics. 

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