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Shipedge’s Billing component helps make sure that maximum revenue and profitability is assured while keeping a minimal billing cycle time by allowing activity-based billing per client according to their individual needs and attributes. Appropriate charges are generated for storage of inventory and any other services such as man-hours, that your company may perform as a fulfillment services provider automatically.

Shipedge’s numerous capabilities and features extend far beyond just billing and reporting though, as a comprehensive suite of solutions Shipedge can help make your business more attractive to both your current clients and future potential clients by enabling you to offer more value-added services with superior inventory control and an overall cost reduction process making you stand out in the fulfillment provider marketplace.

Benefits of Shipedge’s 3PL Billing Component:

  • Remove and Erase many inefficient paper-reliant processes
  • Create a single billing platform from which to control many supply chain applications involved in the fulfillment service
  • Define rate structure contracts at both the client and warehouse stage
  • Improve forecasting accuracy and inventory stock levels
  • Enhance your decision-making capabilities
  • Provide customized detailed reports for each of your clients on demand
  • Keep tracks and tabs of each service provided and highlight areas for improvement
  • Make your accountants life easier by centralizing all record keeping into Shipedge
  • Control and customize your price plans by clients or price levels
  • Structure your billing plans in any way shape or form that you desire or require
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All-In-One Billing Solution

Whether you are a third party logistics provider, or an online retailer, Shipedge provides its own billing management component that is integrated into the Shipedge Software Suite. Shipedge can help you manage billing and improve accuracy and service, capture new accurate charges on a client-by-client basis and improve your profit margins exponentially.

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