3PL Billing with Shipedge

With the Shipedge Pay-As-You-Go 3PL Billing Module, you get every penny you earn. 

3PL Billing

Shipedge 3PL Billing

Shipedge 3PL Billing Dont Chase Dollars

Never Chase a Client for Payment

Shipedge makes client management very simple. Your client has access to our Order Management System. Within the OMS there is a module for 3PL Billing. Clients can setup payments, billing procedures, and more. Shipedge created automation features to alert your client when their account gets low. 

Shipedge 3PL Billing Pay As You Go


Here is how 3PL Billing works: your client adds money into their account. As you fulfill, Shipedge automatically pulls money from the account. When the account balance gets below a specific threshold, Shipedge emails your client. Your client refills their account and you keep fulfilling. If your client does not add funds, you stop shipping or negotiate a line of credit. 

Clients Love It Too

Look at it from your client's perspective: they send all month buying and selling. What happens at the end of the month? You send an invoice. Sometimes client's forget. Sometimes they over extended themselves. And sometimes they lost track. Not a problem anymore. At any given moment they can view their account and know exactly where they stand. Plus Shipedge integrates with Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online, so bookkeeping is a breeze. 

A Robust 3PL Billing Module

  • Easy to set up
  • Set Pricing for labor, packaging, storage and more
  • Eliminate paper processes
  • Customizable for each client
  • Enhance your decision-making capabilities
  • Improve forecasting and inventory stock levels
  • Set pricing for special packaging and procedures
  • Automatic charges
  • Integrate channels into a single billing platform
  • Provide customized detailed reports for each of your clients on demand
  • Set pricing transparency

Build Better Client Relationships

It's psychology. If you bill at the end, then clients feel like you're taking a bite out of their profits. But if a client pays in advance, then their revenue is pure profit.

So, instead of hunting down clients, charging late fees, or adding stress, everyone has all the information they need.

Save Time, Scale Your Business

If a client doesn't pay, then you have to chase after them to collect. That eats up your time with a task you hate. With Shipedge 3PL Billing, you get that time back. 

Now, you can focus on growing your business. Plus, 3PL Billing is easy to scale, so you get more clients paying on time.

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