System + OMS

  • 3PL Warehouse Management System
  • Omni-Channel Order Management Solution
  • Supply Chain Capabilities with Inventory Forecasting
  • Multifunctional Android Applications for Mobile Devices
  • Pay-As-You-Go Billing Available
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping Station with RateShop
  • Multi-Locational Distribution Centers with Geographical Savings
  • Manage/Track Returns & Exchanges & Much More



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Why choose Shipedge to manage your fulfillment?

Cloud-Based Warehouse Management

  • Shipedge’s web-based WMS means no installation is necessary. You can have customers set up within a day.
  • Tons of functionality, such as inventory management, location mapping, and streamlined fulfillment operations.
  • Shipedge WMS also offers two Android applications that transforms  mobile device into multi-use barcode scanners and more!
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Omnichannel Order Management

  • Unlimited multi-channel integrations
  • eCommerce order management solutions: dropship routing, backorder management, etc.
  • Real-time inventory control, reporting, and history
  • Inventory forecasting with automatic PO generation
  • Simple returns & exchanges flow control

3PL (Pay-As-You-Go)!

  • Shipedge’s billing component helps make sure that maximum revenue and profitability are assured
  •  Users deposit funds into their accounts BEFORE any orders are shipped so that the warehouse no longer has to invoice their clients at the end of the month for services rendered.
  • This frees up any line-of-credit or cash held up for this purpose so that the warehouse can now invest those funds into growing.
  • Appropriate charges are automatically generated for storage of inventory and/or any other services rendered, such as man-hours, that your company may perform as a fulfillment services provider.
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Multi-Location Distribution Connectivity

  • Adding distribution centers and connecting one to the other is done using the hub/branch topology, keeping the WMS at the hub and automating the supply chain as much as possible at the branches.
  • This coupled with automated omnichannel integrations, empowers retailers with a very flexible modular logistics solution.
  • Being able to make on-the-fly decisions about where and when to send products and from where to source said products are crucial to maximizing efficiency.
  • This centralized OMS is the core of the Shipedge grid & node architecture.

What our customers say abut Shipedge:

“Shipedge is a fantastic tool for managing multiple warehouses. It keeps all the floor teams in sync with what the clients need and makes one person’s job of facilitating customer service through multiple warehouses a breeze”

Michelle Kaiser (Warehouse Manager @ IFS 360)

“We have just started using Shipedge’s Software Suite and are already seeing huge improvement in the amount of errors we are having and the speed at which we are processing orders. We have decreased our pick and pack time by more than 50%! That in itself is worth the investment.”

Chris Rogers (VP @ Warehousing Worldwide)

“Shipedge has been our go-to software for about 5 years in all our warehouses and we couldn’t be happier with the choice we made.”

James Cohen (CEO @ Fulfillment Centers USA)

Shipedge’s OMS is integrated with a large amount of other software solutions, P.O.S. systems, financial management software and shipping stations:

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Let Shipedge help you reach your full potential!

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